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Experidigm.com – Just Get Started
Four training classes we call exercises.
Hour Seeing
  • Seeing Picture
  • Key Focus
  • Your Choices
  • Exercise Process
  • Support
Day Clarity
  • Action Clarity
  • Key Learning
  • The Plan
  • Connect and Do
  • Cycle
Daily AEZ Practice
  • Daily Exercises
  • Connect Tools
  • Experts
  • Practice Doing
  • Report Progress
  • Choosing MORE
  • Manage NEXTs
Week Certify
    • Certification – Six Days
    • Participate
    • Building and Growing
    • Growing
    • Recruiting and Resourcing
    • Insfrastructure Platform
Our Company Mission

To smile as everyone builds their NEXT experience.

For Concierge
For Certification
For Design

Just Get Started!

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    Do Experidigms vs bigness: Stop Fitting-in!

    Bigness cares about Bigness. Be free from Bigness. Be healthy. Be joyful.


    We humans and “E”cosystems (Es) must unite as WeE to preserve and foster the ability to joyfully experience a natural and healthy life.


    Break free by ignoring “You will…” Tyrants. Break free by pointing up and going to your NEXT experidigm. Claim ‘I will…” Experidigm! Claim the right to experidigm. Read Go: “I will…Experidigm; Ignore Tyrants.

    Avoid Takers: Cut the Binds and Run - Up the Path of Life

    Growth flows from mental and physical freedom. Do you feel you are free and moving to the best future? Do you feel others are taking from you and you get little in return?

    Soaring to Awesome: Turd Throwers Beware

    The polite dominant entrepreneurial delusion is that you can create your dream and reach it with hard work. Sounds good, right? …

    More:We Am. Experidigmers: Groups Living Up (Path of Opportunites and Life)

    Are you stuck in a defining and controlling “you are…” group going nowhere? Are you isolated even though you are surrounded by people?

    Next: "I Am..." Experidigmer: Living the Joy Equation (Path of Life Book 5)

    The age old question of what is the meaning of life has perplexed mankind for thousands of years. As the world and technology become more complex and sophisticated, the purpose of the individual in society seems even more muddled.

    Choosing Up: Attain All - Design Your Experidigms (Path of Life Book 3)

    Design your experiences and design your life, receiving joy all along the way. Life is a series of experiences you design and live…

    Elements of Visual Talking

    Did you ever tell someone to do A and they did B? Did your boss misunderstand what you said and do the wrong thing, like give you a new project instead of a salary raise? …

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