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Putting All Together – Experidigm.com

The image above shows how to use program management to integrate all your experidigms.

PARADIGM THINKING has created a progressively
advanced human understanding about detail school subject matter,
performing tasks at work, and controlling choices. But, putting all the
subjects, tasks and choices together in a joyful personal or collective
experience is proving difficult.

How can I create an original joyful experience now? How
can I spontaneously improve the experience? How can I
participate with others in joyful experiences and improve

EXPERIDIGM THINKING integrates the needed
subjects, tasks, parts and pieces together in a meaningful
experiential way liberating joy. “I am…” people design and live their
joyful visions of future experience. Just as one goes to a physical
exercise gym, one can go to Applied Experidigm Zones (AEZ) to
exercise creation of Joyful experiences. Get unstuck; Move on;
Capture Joy.

The PATH OF OPPORTUNITIES book series explains
the practice of creating joyful experidigms that stretch beyond
current living practices while deflecting those who harass, bully and
try to stop your experidigming participation. The four experidigm
EXERCISE options allow easy and advanced levels of learning
how to experidigm instructed by host concierges. APPLIED
experidigmers to participate with many “We am…” experidigmer
groups or make your own group. SEEING &SHARING
offers tools to create and to share the “I am…” visualization of the
future experidigm, thus making the experience happen.
STRENGTHENING offers assessments and free videos
and example menus.

The AEZ concierges offer assistance as experidigming
progresses in all areas of life, from family life, to work, to social, and
to politics.

Every “I am…” has the free will to design and
enjoy their experiences and be open and have
access to even more enjoyable experiences.

Design “I am…” and “We am…” experidigms.

Amness connects all as one.

Notice: experiences involving sex acts, drug taking,
violence/abuse, manipulation, and any unlawful act are not
permitted in experidigming.

This is an ad free ecosystem, sponsored by purchases from
experidigming customers. Customer information is only used by host
concierges to enable better experidigms.