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Words alone may not express the fullness of an experidigm. Each person interprets and visualizes what words mean differently. These largely unknowable differences can lead to miscommunication and confusion which can slow down or stop experidigm progress. To facilitate the communication and sharing process for experidigms, certain electronic visualization methods are offered for the experidigmer to prepare their future visual experidigm and communicate it.

allows experidigmers to communicate photos, drawings, and images in visual sentences, collages, or books and easily share these in a back and forth
communication format like visual email. Try it. You will like it. You
can share your visual experidigm messages and get feedback from
your “We am…” group, and then improve your experidigm.

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allows experidigmers to sequence the action flow
and make changes to this sequence and then show to others.
Showing allows others to comment and improve your experidigm

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