Next: “I Am…” Experidigmer: Living the Joy Equation (Path of Life Book 5) (English Edition)

The age old question of what is the meaning of life has perplexed mankind for thousands of years. As the world and technology become more complex and sophisticated, the purpose of the individual in society seems even more muddled. NEXT: “I Am….” Experidigmer embraces the changes in the modern world and urges the individual to find a purpose – that purpose is to live experiencing “I am…” joy. Mark Grace posits flowing in shared joy is the true meaning of life. As worldly distractions and technology seem to wrongly define and isolate individuals more than bringing them together, NEXT: “I Am…” Experidigmer shows individuals how to create and share experiences, spinning off joy. Using a new word to describe this experience approach, Experidigm, the author discusses ways that individuals may live in joy. He contends that there are two simple actions required for living in joy. First, embrace one’s unique “I am…ness” to create future experiences, or experidigms. No longer pay attention to what “you are…” people try to define you as – be responsible for designing you. Second, share the picture of future desired experidigms so others can contribute and participate. The two actions can be easily repeated, always creating the flow to the NEXT experidigm and living in joy.

Are you sadly among the majority of people who have lost their identity and struggle living a “you are a …” life defined by bullies who come in so many guises (i.e. classmates, coworkers, politicians, friends, and even family)? Have you suppressed ideas just to fit in? Do you ever ask: “who am I?” and “what should I focus on doing?” As an individual, I reach out for help and guidance, but tentatively; I am afraid of being hurt and enslaved even more than I am now. I want to be more joyful, and I want more answers on what to do.

I have stumbled and followed the direction marketed to me. No more. I create my future with my expert connections. I live in my best experidigms and assist others with their experidigms. I am joyful experidigming. Join me, Mark Grace.