Avoid Takers: Cut the Binds and Run – Up the Path of Life (English Edition)

Growth flows from mental and physical freedom. Do you feel you are free and moving to the best future? Do you feel others are taking from you and you get little in return? Are you distracted by others who keep taking from you? If so, you are probably trapped in a very limiting Taker relationship.
Avoid Takers – Cut the Binds and Run Up the Path of Life shows you who Takers are, what they do to you, and how you can avoid them and permanently get away from them. Once you are free you are able to run up the Path of Life to your perfect future.
The problem: Takers manipulate “givers” and “sharers” into continually giving to them and eventually take away the victims ability to grow. Takers keep their victims trapped in a manipulative cycle. Takers can be family members, bosses, coworkers, customers, “friends”, and casual acquaintances.
The solution: Use well defined strategies to avoid Takers and cut their links to you. Be free to create and do for your growth. Connect with others to grow with you.