Elements of Visual Talking (English Edition)

Did you ever tell someone to do A and they did B? Did your boss misunderstand what you said and do the wrong thing, like give you a new project instead of a salary raise? Did your spouse or family get upset with you after you said something? Leave these frustrating situations behind you and never experience them again.

Never be misunderstood again by your boss, your spouse, or your friends. Use imagery to talk with absolute clarity. Elements of Visual Talking will show you how to talk with imagery in all situations and be perfectly understood. Easily learn from over 100 examples and proven corporate success stories. Lead people with vision and get promoted. Bosses communicate vision, and now you can communicate your vision, and others will follow. Get started with success the day you “see” and read the book.

Ever feel the point you were trying to communicate did not get across to your friend, coworker or your audience? You ever try to help them visualize your thoughts by saying “it’s like…” to help them see your thought? Welcome to our fast paced world, which is getting faster, and we try to cram more words together, quicker in texting and tweeting. But our meaning can get lost or misunderstood. Overcome this confusion by your listener by using precise imagery when you talk. They see exactly what you see and understand what you mean.

The problem: We want to be perfectly understood, fast. Words can be fast, but can they portray the exact picture and essence of what is in your mind? If only we could talk with the clarity of pictures, fast, we would be perfectly understood.

The solution: Elements of Visual Talking prepares the way for you to talk with pictures and be perfectly understood. The approach costs nothing and you can use the approach every time you speak or write. Start today and rise above. Be understood, fast. Anyone can talk with imagery within a day. It is easy. See why using visual talking has received top prestigious global awards.