What is Experitopia?


A “Utopia” is a hopeful view of what a perfect future place or world might look like with mainly peace and love, no violence or wars. A utopia has never been achieved. A “Dystopia” is a view of a future place or world where violence, war, disease, hate, and totalitarian control dominate. Dystopian places have occurred many times in human history where ever slaves and war have occurred. 


An “Experitopia” is an actual state of living or a place where townspeople actually participate in experidigms within Amness flow to create individual (i.e. “I am…”), group (i.e. “We am…”), and ecosystem (i.e. “WeE am…”) joy, health, and experiship. Experitopias enrich the lives of all participants with learning and with the ability to create and share joy through experidigm activities. Experitopian people and places have existed since Adam and Eve. Experitopias can be observed, practiced and recorded for future generations to practice and improve past Experitopian experidigms. Each past Experitopia has been unique with their own special skill, experidigms and experiship. Experitopias only allow healthy and loving activities supported by creations in Amness flow. Experitopias do not focus on profits, wealth, dominance, power, pride, disease, hate, war and anything, or any activity, outside of creative Amness flow. Moral, creative people thrive in Experitopia. Bigness and Ts intentionally take all value from and then destroy Experitopias. An Experitopia can exist in an individual, a group, or a place of people where people harmonize with nature.


The illustration on the cover is an update from an illustration found on page 12 in my book NEXT: “I am…” Experidigmer. The cloud in this case is still Amness flow with experidigmers inside the flow and Turd Throwers, Takers, Tyrants and Bigness outside the flow trying to take from those in Amness flow. What makes this cloud an Experitopia is that the Experidigmers (i.e. “I am…” and “We am…”) are shown participating by sharing their activities and goods on the living Main Street and Markets.  Experitopias offer natural, local goods and services in local Markets, always excluding foreign exports and Bigness products as seen by those Ts fishing outside the Experitopia. Experidigm skills are shared on Main Street and in Markets.   


I have used words that have “experi” as a prefix. For a definition of these words go to the glossary at the end of this book and find their meaning.