Bigness – Forever Thrown Away

Bigness Knows; You Know


Bigness knows. They know their only purpose for existing is to take, keep taking more and more, more profits, more life, more things, and when what they take is all gone, Bigness learns to take something else as it grows and grows and consumes any person, nature, or thing it targets. Bigness takers have no limits. Bigness knows that no person, no law, no politics, and no culture can limit or stop it for long. Bigness knows it created the current cultures, controls the current cultures, owns the current cultures, and moves the cultures in any way with broadcast media propaganda, supported by payoffs or its’ cancel culture.  Bigness has domesticated mankind to serve its medical tyranny, food tyranny, business tyranny, religious, tyranny and so many other Bigness tyrannies. Life means nothing to Bigness except as an input to growth. Bigness has domesticated all living beings, including humans. Bigness does not care if thousands more species are completely consumed, all insect nuisances are poisoned, all forests and entire ecosystems are replaced by urban or industrial developments, all humans are reengineered or poisoned to die when no longer valuable workers, or if the earth ends. Bigness knows that it can create technology to artificially replace all natural living creatures, all environments, and wall itself away in protective security, as it consumes everything in its path. You know Bigness is not human. Bigness has no morals, no civil code, nor will it ever have morals or any other human emotion. Bigness is a thing. Bigness is an it. Bigness just grows and consumes and grows. You know that we created Bigness. We made laws and gave Bigness rights just like the unalienable humans rights we were given. We made them bigger than us, more powerful than us, able to build tall buildings, consume all acres of useful livable land, and domesticate billions of people. NO, this is not science fiction. This is the reality we created and now allow to be.      


Now you know too. Maybe you always felt like a victim and fit-in, going to work every day, watching the Bigness  media propaganda, eating their poisonous food, taking the pills and surgery to eliminate the poisons, buying cheap and toxic products, while you watched nature and all other living creature being consumed into extinction. Please say this is not so? Now you know. Maybe you willingly followed Bigness believing if you helped and took like Bigness, you would be successful to, surrounded by artificial things that Bigness made you make. You joined groups like you and built walls to keep out those who were not as “successful” as you. You made them pay. You made them keep paying until they could no longer pay, so you had to build your protection walls higher and discard your morality. Please say this is not so?  Maybe you think you are Bigness, with your ownership, your stock, your leadership, your executive privilege, your power, your wealth, your ability to harm and take life, and your pride of being god-like. Yes, this so. No matter who you are, you are complicit in making, enabling, and continually growing Bigness to be able to consume and destroy everything it wants. It wants everything valuable and living.  Bigness cannot help itself; it was created to consume, to take, to own, and to grow unlimited, and to destroy.  Humans were created to love and care for each other and all beings in their local ecosystem. Humans have a choice. To die in the Bigness culture, or to reclaim a human culture where respect and dignity allowed love and care for every individual, every living being to live in a balanced harmony and joyfully experience life together.


Stop and feel. You are human. Bigness is not. Stop being the organizer for Bigness – the owner, shareholder, or partner. Stop being the instigator for Bigness – the leader, the executive, the manager, or the administrator of Bigness death.  Stop being the performer for Bigness – the worker, the user, the consumer, the buyer. Stop being the accomplice for Bigness – the legislature, the judge, or the executive agency administrators.  We all are complicit in making Bigness real in our lives and replacing human moral culture with evil amoral Bigness domestication culture. We are all guilty, no matter what is our level of participation. This is not complicated. We launched this Bigness evil upon ourselves, not knowing it would grow and spread evil and destruction everywhere.


Most important, we are all victims, individually and collectively, of Bigness efficient taking, ruthless harm, and total destruction. Every day we are a victim, being poisoned, and pushed into Bigness efficient processes and protocol corals to extract every spec of our value before we are trash. Bigness just hears “Mooooo,’ and the sound of money growing bigger and bigger. Sadly, many co-conspirators just hope they are less victims than their neighbors. Daily atrocities in the name of Bigness go unpunished, and worse, are accepted and rationalized as just being part of modern life. “It’s just politics as usual.” No it is not politics. Many feel resigned, “At least I survive; I am not dead yet.” Thousands of publications detail the Bigness actions, the atrocities, the methods, the impact, and the pending future destruction of all nature and all mankind. We listen as a victim, but remain complicit, as Bigness grows and grows. Bigness knows. We know. I know. I am saddened by my past actions, and your past actions. I know so much has been lost and will never return. As I write this paragraph, sadness fuels my soul, my respect and love for those already departed yells out, “no more!” Not now, not ever. My tears flow now, snoot drops from my nose, I am a mess, but my mind yells, “I can; we can.” We are living; Bigness is an it, a thing. I live. It is dead and it will always be dead. We unknowingly gave it existence. We nurtured and supported it. We can knowingly make it disappear. Lock it away forever as a thought never again to be brought into reality. We made the mistake when we created it by law, and we will not make that mistake again. We take our grant of the Bigness legal rights to be like us and throw it away, along with all the Bigness domestication and enslaving tools. This Bigness experiment has failed us and is now ended, Forever Thrown Away. Our tears honor our stricken and dead, our resolve and actions save the future for humanity, not lifeless Bigness. We are no longer victims or complicit. We are life – respectful, moral, true, honest, caring, and compassionate for all living beings, not it.    


As C.S. Lewis wrote in his book The Problem of Pain, “…the doors of hell are locked on the inside….” Bigness evil has decided to stay in hell and make living on earth a hell, literally, figuratively, and metaphysically. In the future, those that accept and live in Bigness hell are complicit, consuming and destroying alongside the Bigness machine. I choose life and love, not hatred, destruction and death. I unlock the door of Bigness hell and leave forever. Go ahead, open the door to leave Bigness in hell, and then vote them to have no rights and no destruction tools. We can eliminate all Bigness in one vote. 


Without Bigness, we can be free to experience life together, with all our human creativity and emotions. At least this time around, they will be our emotions, our experiences, our desires to share in love and harmony with Amness. No more Bigness lies, limits, control, harm or destruction. 


Of course, as a last ditch effort, Bigness will lie, use its propaganda machine and paid-for co-conspirators, and show the delusional “progress” they (not me or we) made for the last 150 plus years. Destruction of nature, wealth in the hands of a few, and domesticated humans allowed only Bigness defined experience is not moral human progress. It is amoral taking and taking and taking by a thing called Bigness. Bigness may get violent, proving it’s amoral. Bigness knows.  Bigness knows we can easily make it Forever Thrown Away. I know. We know. You know. Make your urgent choice to rejoin humanity and live in harmony together with Mother Nature. Amness (i.e. God) is watching and waiting.


This simple publication shows how easy it is for us to make Bigness Forever Thrown Away. Join me in truly experiencing life free from Bigness hate and destruction. I am no longer complicit or a victim, I am an experidimger living with Infinite Amness and fellow experidigmers like you. Bigness is Forever Thrown Away.


The old democratic reality of individual freedom was replaced by Bigness domestication. Bigness will be replaced by the democratic reality of “I am…,” and “We am…” the community, and “WeE am…” the community in harmony with living ecosystems.




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