Do Experidigms vs Bigness

Amazon Summary:

Bigness is domesticating everyone – they want to take all profits and souls. Bigness has no competition – they intentionally killed it. Bigness consumes all – they consume people’s creative work and the life of nature. Bigness grows on the backs of life – they use propaganda spinning their goodness and efficient infrastructure to take all they want.  

Sometimes you have to step back and understand what is happening. Sometimes you must take a stand and live a loving life as Infinite Amness offered. We can live all times in the joy of experidigming with Infinite Amness. Escape the domestication corral of Bigness. Ignore them and go experidigm with Infinite Amness! Bigness will eventually fade into the dust of history. Read Do Experidigms vs bigness; Stop Fitting-in.

Do Experidigms shows how to overcome the fear of Bigness. Do Experidigms shows how to participate in joyful experiences beyond the control of Bigness. Escape the pain and suffering caused by fitting-in and doing the work of Bigness.  Join fellow experidigmers and live a great life. Be healthy and loved. Care about those who live joyfully with you.  

Bigness only takes care of Bigness. Bigness grows for Bigness. Bigness hurts all else:

+Corporate Bigness demands profits and growth at the expense of nature and society. People are inputs to Bigness production and consumption. Big Pharma, Big Finance, Big Tech, Big Media, etc. intentionally domesticate and assault people.

+Religion Bigness preaches fear to give themselves more wealth, more buildings, and more people. People are giving servants to those who preach. Religion is focused on growing itself.

+Government Bigness wants control and submission to pay taxes, fines, fees, and levies. People are constrained and controlled by politicians’ fake “rules and laws” and their related enforcement.

+Education Bigness teaches propaganda to fit-in, give up, and accept working and watching. People learn submission to stay in line, accept being shamed, and apologize for their opinions.