Soaring to Awesome: Turd Throwers Beware Grabbing Back Innovation with Dialogue

The polite dominant entrepreneurial delusion is that you can create your dream and reach it with hard work. Sounds good, right? You know better because you have tried and been attacked, and the attack did not feel good. It hurt. You were stopped. Increasingly, getting your team to the innovative dream is blocked by turd throwing (TTing) bullies, weasels, and abusers; all active members of the status quo, self-appointed as responsible for fighting change. When they throw turds, they mean to harm and stop you. Up until now, sadly, they normally win, and stop you. NOT ANYMORE ? YOU HAVE A SHIELD! This is a positive innovation change story of success deflecting TTers and achieving your desired result. If you give in and placate the harmful TTing members of the status quo, you will be blocked for a long time or forever. You will become just another member of the status quo, and you will be under close watch, so you do not attempt change again. Fight the TTing bullies (TTers), and you will be ostracized and intentionally hurt, and most probably banned from the status quo, even though you may have been successful in improving the status quo with your positive and helpful actions. The TTers in the status quo do not give you any choice?do what they say, or you are banned. They stop constructive dialogue and impose TTing on the group, stopping any dialogue or progress. But you love the status quo, and you want the best for them. You want to make transformation and change for the better. Now, TTers beware. Creatives, change agents, people of difference, transformation leaders, and innovators have new approaches to deflect the negativity of TTers, and reach the ?pointed to” dreams. TTers can be rehabilitated and discard their ways in favor of constructive dialogue. The status quo wants to come along with you to the new dream. They will work toward the dream alongside you, but not with their TTing, hurtful members harming you and them along the way. You will have to deflect the status quo TTers every step of the way, so arm yourself with the best tools to deflect turds. This is the ?how to” book to do just that. This book’s protective shield will teach you the counter moves to overcome their TTing strategies. This book will show how to identify TTing in real time and provide ways to deflect their efforts, so you can soar toward your pointed to vision.