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The Careers

The result of a customer visiting an AEZ is Joy as they live their experidigm. What better way to have a career than to have others and you filled with Joy. Lead others to a Joyful life. All those who participate will share in the valuable profits.

Who like to teach 1 hour, 1 day, or week long classes

Who facilitate answering all questions

Who lead the operation of local zones

Who offer expertise for sale to further unique experidigms

Who offer resources to building local infrastructure

How to make money

leading an AEZ

Open Positions
Job Posting title Location Deparments Date
Local AEZ Any USA State Experidigm 7/4/2018

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    Frequently Asked Question

    Yes. Progress through the hour training to the day long training.

    Yes. All employees are eligible.

    Various plans are offered.

    Yes. An if we do not have a location, let’s create one.