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Exercise 1 – Hour Seeing

Hour Seeing: A one hour jog through the concepts and approaches associated with “I am…ness” experidigming

Exercise 2 – Day Clarity

Day Clarity: An eight hour detail look at how to design and do an experidigm.More

Exercise 3 – Daily AEZ

Daily AEZ: Like an exercise gym, at an AEZ, participate as often as you like with

Exercise 4 – Week Certify

Week Certify: A five day class ending in certification to lead experidigming groups in companies,

Understanding Tools

Before designing and sharing your first experidigm, an experidigmer should read these four books and

Being “I am…”

The book NEXT illustrates how to use your “I am…ness” to create each of your NEXT experidigms.

Participating in “We am…”

The book MORE illustrates how to participate in “We am…ness” to gather MORE options and

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